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This Is Us

At Les Cafes VP we have been developing our concepts and franchising brands on a local, national and international scale for more than 28 years opening over 150 locations. Our team of professionals has a vast amount of experience in concept development, site selection, construction and design. We focus on product quality, training, and overall operations to maximize sales and profitability.

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A Leader in the Canadian
Food and Beverage Industry

Our love for the art of coffee roasting can be tasted in each cup.

 We were inspired by our love of coffee.


Presse Café opened company owned stores and began franchising in 1995.

We were inspired by our love of coffee.


Presse Café's success relies heavily on the contribution of the franchisees who believe in the brand and express it daily. Our franchisees are involved in the management of their Presse Café at all levels. They train and coach their team, share with them our unique know-how and ensure that the high quality standards are maintained.

If you are actively involved in your community and feel ready to start your own business, we are here to help you achieve your goal with great success!

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